2020, a new year of action

In order to help you achieve your development goals this year, and for them to be more sustainable on the long run, Green Soluce mobilizes and provides you with its 4 Hubs of expertise:
– Advisory ;
– Learning;
– Sustainable Finance;
– Content.

They aim to give you answers to your internal and external organizational challenges, thanks to their expertise on the actors of the real estate and the city. Green Soluce allows companies to be strategic in their social responsibility, by giving answers to the complexity of the environmental transition of our societies.

Green Soluce2020, a new year of action

Green corporate loans and real estate

The past few years, capital markets greeted green bonds with open arms, while green loans were under-used according to a study of the firm BWB. In 2018, the market expects to see the emergence of green lending with the interesting potential of complementing green bond influence in the development of environmentally-friendly projects, internationally valued since the Paris Agreement in 2015.   

Green SoluceGreen corporate loans and real estate