New uses and innovations: 3 agile methods to imagine future projects

In parallel with this 9th season of the Urban Chronicles™ dedicated to Value in Use, Green Soluce has identified three methods to help you meet the new expectations of your users. The value of a property can no longer be measured by its physical characteristics but by its use. We must take the time to think now about buildings and neighbourhoods that integrate the uses and innovations of tomorrow. How can this be achieved?

  1. Deploying open-innovation with students: the Agile Cities™ hackathon

The Agile Cities™ program is at the crossroads of open-innovation and foresight. Its objective is to reflect with students on tomorrow’s models based on real problems of the companies in the city.

Students begin with a graphical representation of the trends that are impacting the real estate sector. This hackathon makes it possible to define development paths. It highlights untapped opportunities or the limits of certain strategic orientations. This program is based on research conducted by Green Soluce and ESSEC Business School.

The opportunities identified are based on academic reflection. They are fueled by your business expertise.

By bringing together students from outside your company and from multidisciplinary backgrounds (engineering, business, architecture…) you benefit from a new and fresh look to imagine the uses of tomorrow! Our objective: to challenge your strategic vision, define the services and uses for the users of tomorrow.

This is what Green Soluce offers to companies through the methodology and the Agile Cities seminar organized in February 2020.

The last step of this foresight program is to make your identified projects a reality (see 3.).

  1. Co-creating with your customers and collaborators: the co-construction and innovation workshop

To accelerate and facilitate your innovation process – from prospective thinking to the implementation of concrete projects – Green Soluce has developed two “executive” innovation workshops. They are specially designed for city and real estate professionals.

As part of the Agile Cities™ program, a first workshop will focus on the underlying trends in real estate. These are compared with an identified strategic issue in order to complement it with initial ideas for concrete actions.

The objectives? Engage in a dynamic dialogue with your employees, partners or customers around your strategic vision. Also use collective intelligence to have a relevant reading carried by professional experts.

A second innovation workshop proposed by Green Soluce will allow you to develop the business model for a new product or service. This workshop is based on the application of Lean Business Canvas. This model is applied to real estate through a fun sprint to co-construct performance indicators specific to your project.

The objective? Identify the direct links between your innovation and its business potential.

These two workshops are a real opportunity to experiment with agile innovative methods. They strengthen your creative potential by bringing together complementary professional profiles around the table.

All the co-creation workshops for city and real estate actors proposed by Green Soluce

  1. Analyze and seize development opportunities: the agile action plan

When the opportunity is detected and the imagined project seems successful, the real anticipation process begins. The use of prospecting work makes it possible to compare the imagined project with possible developments in the sector. This makes it possible then to imagine development scenarios based on a changing market.

The objective is to anticipate technological, regulatory, competitive or societal developments that may have a positive or negative impact on the future product or service. This advance makes it possible to set up an action plan that:

  • prepares reactions to upcoming events;
  • influences these events in the direction of the project.

This last step ensures maximum chances of success for the project depending on market developments.

These methodologies are specially developed for the real estate and city sector by our facilitation experts. They make it possible to imagine future projects, adapted to a changing market. Our partnership with ESSEC allows us to complete and improve them regularly.

Article thought and written by Constance Flachaire and Baptiste Estignard for Urban Chronicles™.

For more information on Green Soluce and our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Green SoluceNew uses and innovations: 3 agile methods to imagine future projects
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