Green Soluce

Burn-out, mobility and Activity based Working

What if work-related pathologies (such as burn-out, a major personal and professional crisis of the 21st century, often unacknowledged, hidden or even minimized in our societies) find their source, and finally their solutions in the current work organization and associated mobility?   Let’s take a look at the phenomenon !

2020, a new year of action

In order to help you achieve your development goals this year, and for them to be more sustainable on the long run, Green Soluce mobilizes and provides you with its 4 Hubs of expertise: – Advisory ; – Learning; – Sustainable Finance; – Content. They aim to give you answers to your internal and external

Mobility as a service (MAAS) : What operational reality ?

The transition to “service-oriented” mobility is one of the major developments in mobility and transport at work nowadays. The MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which CEREMA defines as “an integrated system offering information, reservation, purchase and validation, for the widest possible range of mobility services”, is part of this transition. There are now about fifteen

Connected and mutualized, what opportunities for the car parks of tomorrow’s city? – the vision of Julien VANDELEENE, Founder of BePark

Created in 2011, BePark allows users to temporarily rent a parking space in one of the car parks of its network, and let car park owners register theirs on an online platform. Pooling, digitizing, transitioning to a use economy… this week, Julien Vandeleene, founder of BePark, presents the company’s vision for tomorrow’s urban mobility.