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(Re)discover the Impulsion2021 programme

As you have might have noticed, the “Union des Caisses nationales de la Sécurité sociale” (UCANSS) and Green Soluce launched the Impulsion2021 programme on September 10, 2019 to support the Social Security and its agencies in the energy transition of their housing stock, and encourage the choice of innovative solutions to accelerate its transformation !

Co-living : Are we moving towards sustainability ?

Nowadays co-living has become more popular with new generations and its impact on social behavior is well recognized by people. But, what about its impact on urban sustainability? Is this sharing space trend also helping the planet? How can sharing space be an asset towards a more sustainable city?

Environnemental certifications, impact studies : more control and transparency measuring ESG data from projects and companies

Among the types of data collected, priority is often given to financial, customer or production data. At the same time, environmental, social and governance (ESG) data are becoming increasingly important in corporate CSR reporting to measure carbon emissions and energy consumption, particularly for real estate. New regulations, such as the Tertiary Decree (French law requiring

Vegetalization of real estate projects: What impacts for social housing?

Social housing represents about 19% of the French housing stock. Social landlords are therefore major players in the transition towards more sustainable real estate. Chroniques Urbaines™ met Romain Dubois, CEO of ICF Habitat group, and Patrick Jeanselme, Chairman of the Board of ICF Habitat La Sablière and head of the group’s CSR project.They enlightened us

Burn-out, mobility and Activity based Working

What if work-related pathologies (such as burn-out, a major personal and professional crisis of the 21st century, often unacknowledged, hidden or even minimized in our societies) find their source, and finally their solutions in the current work organization and associated mobility?   Let’s take a look at the phenomenon !

2020, a new year of action

In order to help you achieve your development goals this year, and for them to be more sustainable on the long run, Green Soluce mobilizes and provides you with its 4 Hubs of expertise: – Advisory ; – Learning; – Sustainable Finance; – Content. They aim to give you answers to your internal and external

Mobility as a service (MAAS) : What operational reality ?

The transition to “service-oriented” mobility is one of the major developments in mobility and transport at work nowadays. The MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which CEREMA defines as “an integrated system offering information, reservation, purchase and validation, for the widest possible range of mobility services”, is part of this transition. There are now about fifteen