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Incorporating CSR and Innovation at the heart of Corporate strategy : Interview of Flore JACHIMOWICZ, member of the Executive Committee at Icade, in charge of CSR and Innovation

Urban Chronicles™ met with Flore Jachimowicz, member of the Executive Committee at Icade, in charge of CSR and Innovation. How does Icade combine CSR and innovation within its direction? As a leader in sustainability, what vision is driving the development of the group’s CSR and Innovation strategy? What challenges does Icade face? What changes does

Using biomimicry to reform urban infrastructures

Much of today’s energy and water infrastructure systems come from the industrial revolution era. Their designs responded to the challenges faced by this era. Nowadays, as we try to create more sustainable and resilient cities, these designs are no longer appropriate. In order to reform these infrastructures, architects and designers have started looking into biomimicry.

Perspectives of the “décret tertiaire” in the energy transition strategy: Interview of Fabrice Doiteaux, office assets director at Sofidy

Urban Chronicles™ meets Fabrice Doiteaux, office assets director at SOFIDY. What perspective will the “décret tertiaire” bring to the energy transition strategy? The “décret tertiaire” (or tertiary decree in english) that became effective in France in 2019 requires tertiary buildings to reduce their energy consumption by 40% by 2030 (compared to 2010). How will the

The business case of circular economy in the built environment: an exchange with Olivia Finch (Portfolio Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

This week, Urban Chronicles™ has met Olivia Finch, portfolio manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In this interview, Olivia shared with us the results of the report Realising the value of circular economy in real estate, achieved and published in February 2020 by the Foundation and the consultancy firm Arup. What is the business case

What are the challenges for the circular economy in the construction sector? Meeting with Antoine Desbarrières, Director of the Alliance HQE-GBC

Urban Chronicles™ by Green Soluce launches a series of interviews and articles dedicated to the circular economy in the face of urban and real estate challenges. This week, meeting (remotely!) with Antoine Desbarrières, President of the certifying body CERQUAL Qualitel Certification and administrator of the Alliance HQE-GBC, a public utility association that federates building and