Green Soluce in 5 key features

Helping design tomorrow’s sustainable real estate and cities

We provide tailor-made solutions

We listen

We’re proactive

We’re innovative

We’re fully independent


What our clients and partners think of us

  • "Green Soluce has a much finer understanding of energy and environmental issues than other market players. Moreover the firm stands out with its dynamic and independent start-up spirit."

    Odile ROUDAUT Senior Asset Manager, IVG Immobilien France
  • "The Green Soluce team has demonstrated three qualities that make a true difference: the energy they put into the projects, their reactivity and their creativity. Green Soluce knows how to ask the appropriate questions right from the start, and to keep a critical eye all throughout the project. You can be sure Green Soluce will deliver recommendations that have been tailor-made to the specificities of the project."

    Christophe DUMAS Technical Director, Sogeprom
  • «Green Soluce sets itself apart from the competition by seeking relevant partnerships. This enables Green Soluce to provide the client with a most comprehensive offering in energy and environmental performance that goes beyond the traditional services expected by a project owner.»

    Alice MEHEUT General Director, UBAT CONTROLE


Three projects we’re proud of

Defining the energy and sustainability roadmap

Supporting the achievement of the NF HQE 2016 and WELL certifications for an office building project in the central business district of Paris

Defining & co-constructing the sustainability strategy of the property portfolio




Ensuring the resilience of social housing

The EU has been encouraging researches that aim to improve European city’s resilience with programs such as LIFE, a funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value.

This week, Urban chronicles looks at a particularly innovative LIFE project that responds to the European Union’s objectives for more resilient and inclusive cities.

Green SoluceEnsuring the resilience of social housing

COVID-19: living the unthinkable to rethink our lifestyles

At a time when the world is going through one of the biggest health crises in a century, the global economic model is being severely challenged. Banks are in panic and the CAC40 is falling daily. But rather than crying out for collapse, this turmoil may be an opportunity to step back and rethink more resilient models to prevent future crises in the decades to come.

Green SoluceCOVID-19: living the unthinkable to rethink our lifestyles

Beyond Concrete: how can cities reduce their consumption of concrete?

Concrete is the world’s most widespread construction material and the second most used resource after water. It consists of aggregates agglomerated by a binder, cement, which is itself produced by clinker, a mixture of limestone and clay. Concrete is the main material in the construction of our cities. From the point of view of cities wishing to reduce their environmental impact, how can we replace this resource?

Green SoluceBeyond Concrete: how can cities reduce their consumption of concrete?