Green Soluce in 5 key features

Helping design tomorrow’s sustainable real estate and cities

We provide tailor-made solutions

We listen

We’re proactive

We’re innovative

We’re fully independent


What our clients and partners think of us

  • "Green Soluce has a much finer understanding of energy and environmental issues than other market players. Moreover the firm stands out with its dynamic and independent start-up spirit."

    Odile ROUDAUT Senior Asset Manager, IVG Immobilien France
  • "The Green Soluce team has demonstrated three qualities that make a true difference: the energy they put into the projects, their reactivity and their creativity. Green Soluce knows how to ask the appropriate questions right from the start, and to keep a critical eye all throughout the project. You can be sure Green Soluce will deliver recommendations that have been tailor-made to the specificities of the project."

    Christophe DUMAS Technical Director, Sogeprom
  • «Green Soluce sets itself apart from the competition by seeking relevant partnerships. This enables Green Soluce to provide the client with a most comprehensive offering in energy and environmental performance that goes beyond the traditional services expected by a project owner.»

    Alice MEHEUT General Director, UBAT CONTROLE


Three projects we’re proud of

Defining the energy and sustainability roadmap

Supporting the achievement of the NF HQE 2016 and WELL certifications for an office building project in the central business district of Paris

Defining & co-constructing the sustainability strategy of the property portfolio




Burn-out, mobility and Activity based Working

What if work-related pathologies (such as burn-out, a major personal and professional crisis of the 21st century, often unacknowledged, hidden or even minimized in our societies) find their source, and finally their solutions in the current work organization and associated mobility?   Let’s take a look at the phenomenon !

Green SoluceBurn-out, mobility and Activity based Working

SDGs and urban development: a crossed interview with Certivéa and Green Soluce

From now on till 2030, 195 countries who signed 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) are mobilizing for the planet in finding sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

What roles do the actors of the cities of tomorrow embody, in order to reach these objectives ?

For this interview, Patrick Nossent, Certivéa’s president and Ella Etienne-Denoy, General director and associates of Green Soluce, spoke to Chroniques Urbaines to warn on the necessity of urban development projects to take into their field of action the SDGs decided by the UN.

Green SoluceSDGs and urban development: a crossed interview with Certivéa and Green Soluce

2020, a new year of action

In order to help you achieve your development goals this year, and for them to be more sustainable on the long run, Green Soluce mobilizes and provides you with its 4 Hubs of expertise:
– Advisory ;
– Learning;
– Sustainable Finance;
– Content.

They aim to give you answers to your internal and external organizational challenges, thanks to their expertise on the actors of the real estate and the city. Green Soluce allows companies to be strategic in their social responsibility, by giving answers to the complexity of the environmental transition of our societies.

Green Soluce2020, a new year of action