Meeting with Eléonore Devaud, CSR Director – Altarea Cogedim

“Our vision of the city of tomorrow is a dense city with a lot of proximity and diversity, which responds to the challenge of low carbon.”

For episode 8 of Season 5 of Urban Chronicles™ on the theme “CSR & Real Estate”, Urban Chronicles™ interviewed exclusively Eléonore Devaud, CSR Director of Altarea Cogedim. Urban renewal in dense areas, certification as an awareness-raising tool or levers for reducing carbon footprints, discover this week the challenges at the heart of Altarea Cogedim’s CSR approach.

Green SoluceMeeting with Eléonore Devaud, CSR Director – Altarea Cogedim

Digital tools for monitoring the environmental performance of buildings

Real estate players who properly communicate the performance of their building stock put in place the appropriate means to recover and analyze the relevant data to monitor their environmental performance.  In a data-driven context CSR reporting must also be based on factual and quantified indicators.

An smart building aims to meet these challenges of obtaining, analyzing, optimising data before deployment of actions.  Indeed, a technological breakthrough is currently taking place with under the umbrella of the IoT (‘Internet of Things’) and the development of associated technologies, for example: the use of BIM throughout the design, construction and operations of a building, deployment of autonomous low energy sensors allowing the feedback of building data, energy monitoring, failure alert system and automate several systems

Green SoluceDigital tools for monitoring the environmental performance of buildings

Three levers for successful CSR communication

Presenting the elements in an engaging, transparent and convincing way is paramount to support the impact of sustainable development and CSR activities and content. Communications approach also ensures that the information is well chosen and constructed, and reflects the unique personality and position of the organization and its CSR agenda.

Green SoluceThree levers for successful CSR communication