Three levers for successful CSR communication

Presenting the elements in an engaging, transparent and convincing way is paramount to support the impact of sustainable development and CSR activities and content. Communications approach also ensures that the information is well chosen and constructed, and reflects the unique personality and position of the organization and its CSR agenda.

Green SoluceThree levers for successful CSR communication

Three initiatives to engage and federate stakeholders

Stakholders are at the heart of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and, as individuals and organisations, their interests may be directly or indirectly affected by the activities of a company. As active participants of a company’s economic life, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders can influence its strategic choices both internally (employees and unions) and externally (associations) or can condition its activities (local communities, local authorities, the State, etc.). The stakeholders of a company are be privileged actors in the participatory governance of a corporation.

Green SoluceThree initiatives to engage and federate stakeholders

Green corporate loans and real estate

The past few years, capital markets greeted green bonds with open arms, while green loans were under-used according to a study of the firm BWB. In 2018, the market expects to see the emergence of green lending with the interesting potential of complementing green bond influence in the development of environmentally-friendly projects, internationally valued since the Paris Agreement in 2015.   

Green SoluceGreen corporate loans and real estate