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“CSR is in a way the art of combining complexity”, meeting with Valérie de Robillard, CSR Director – Nexity

For the second exclusive interview of this Season 5 on the theme “CSR & Real Estate”, Urban Chronicles™ interviewed Valérie de Robillard, Nexity’s CSR Director. Social commitment, reduction of the carbon footprint and establishment of the stakeholder committee, this meeting was an opportunity to discuss the topics at the heart of Nexity’s CSR approach. Let’s

Digital tools for monitoring the environmental performance of buildings

Real estate players who properly communicate the performance of their building stock put in place the appropriate means to recover and analyze the relevant data to monitor their environmental performance.  In a data-driven context CSR reporting must also be based on factual and quantified indicators. An smart building aims to meet these challenges of obtaining,

Three levers for successful CSR communication

Presenting the elements in an engaging, transparent and convincing way is paramount to support the impact of sustainable development and CSR activities and content. Communications approach also ensures that the information is well chosen and constructed, and reflects the unique personality and position of the organization and its CSR agenda.

The value-creating power of CSR

According to a study on the economic stakes of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France), intangible capital represents a considerable part of a company’s value and reputation. Intangible capital refers to all the non-quantifiable values, skills and techniques of a company. An important lever to positively impact

Three initiatives to engage and federate stakeholders

Stakholders are at the heart of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and, as individuals and organisations, their interests may be directly or indirectly affected by the activities of a company. As active participants of a company’s economic life, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders can influence its strategic choices both internally (employees and unions) and externally

Managing city transition: 3 examples of promising models

Charles Landry, an international adviser on the future of cities, argued that cities are misaligned between design and operating system, typical of a 1.0 world and the current 3.0 technological, economic and cultural lifestyle dynamics. Under this tension and disconnection, cities need to transform and reinvent themselves, a process which could take several years. With

Urban Learning Project: for a better consideration of energy in city planning

Urban trends As part of the large European project H2020, the Urban Learning Project is a concrete example of inter-city collaboration effectively addressing energy issues in urban planning. Between 2015 and 2018, the Paris Climate Agency collaborated with the City of Paris as well as Vienna, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Zagreb, Stockholm and Berlin to identify

Green corporate loans and real estate

The past few years, capital markets greeted green bonds with open arms, while green loans were under-used according to a study of the firm BWB. In 2018, the market expects to see the emergence of green lending with the interesting potential of complementing green bond influence in the development of environmentally-friendly projects, internationally valued since

Green building bonds

Since the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21, the financial community has come together and taken major steps towards tackling climate change, such as during the One Planet Summit in December 2017. Among the financial tools available to boost the transition towards a low carbon economy, green bonds are expected to help accelerate this shift,