Green Soluce

Meeting with Mikael Benfredj, Founder of Patchwork

To start the year, Urban Chronicles™ met the founder of the coworking spaces Patchwork, Mikael Benfredj, who has been hosting the Green Soluce team since August 1st! Let’s come back with him to Patchwork’s activities and how coworking spaces create use value for many stakeholders!

Value in use: how to exceed the material value of a building?

For this 9th season of the Urban Chronicles™, we invite you to learn more about the value in use for commercial buildings. In a context of environmental, energy and societal transitions, digital transformations and new lifestyles, this data has become decisive in the real estate sector. Before giving the floor to actors in our ecosystem

Interview with Cyrille Moreau, Vice-President of Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area

For this third episode of Chroniques Urbaines, we exchanged with Cyrille Moreau, Vice-President of the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area, who enlightened us on how biodiversity is taken into account in the city’s projects. What tools is Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area implementing to fully integrate biodiversity issues into urban projects? What are the challenges that remain

Meeting with Henri Reboullet, President and CEO of Vattenfall France

Vattenfall, the historic Sweden energy company, is now a full-fledged player in France in the renewable energy market. Urban Chronicles™ offers you the opportunity to learn more about Vattenfall’s zero-carbon strategy and the new energy-related challenges facing the group through our discussions with Henri Reboullet, CEO of Vattenfall France.

Interview with Ella Etienne-Denoy, CEO and Partner of Green Soluce

What could be more symptomatic than a week of heat waves never seen in France in June for the closing episode of the season dedicated to climate risk. More than ever, the challenges of climate change are tangible in our cities and territories: adaptation will be essential. On this occasion, Ella Etienne-Denoy, Managing Director and

The latest trends in circular real estate

The concept of circular economy is becoming increasingly important in the construction sector. Opposing the classic linear economy model (extract, produce, consume, throw away), this concept is based on seven main pillars: ecodesign (minimizing environmental impacts from the development of a product), industrial ecology (organization that optimizes the use of resources), economy of functionality, reuse,